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Mob : +33 6 07 69 14 40
Motivations --- Personality Married,
3 children
  • 3 years at creating entreprises : rural-suburban FTTH (>2010) and RadioLAN (pre-wifi, 1996)
  • 3 years engineering director for tele/datacom services ; leadership upon 50 engineers
  • 8 years corporate product manager for tele/datacom software (VAX-VMS and Intel)
  • 4 years in charge of software development : real time, web 2.0 (Ajax) and for PDA
  • 10 years pre-sales consultant of datacom products w/ strong customer relationship (large int'l accounts)
  • 3 years as a consultant ; high tech training sessions built-up and given to several operators
  • Mastering the development cycle of high-tech products and solutions with P&L management
  • Strong expertise in tele-/data-communications (co-inventor of ATM, multiservice high bit-rate telecom technique guaranteeing quality, globally deployed as the backbone network of Internet also over... ADSL at its accesses !)
  • Communicating his passion ; charismatic ; natural ascendancy and leadership
  • Skills at taking the other's (customer's !) standpoint
  • Communicator : appreciated writing skills and presenting skills
  • Innovative mindset, ability at matching "high tech" advantages with benefits for end-users
  • Graduated (1975) from a French prestigious top level general engineering and enterprise management school, the "École Centrale de Paris"
            (having supplied and supplying top executives of many French or int'l companies)
  • Open minded & mobile : several missions in Europe, USA, Korea, India, Maghreb, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Mauritius, Senegal
  • Well organized ; rich of five different cultures of international enterprises
  • Almost fluent in American/English ; medium level in Spanish
  • Very high availability - Strong and energetic (offshore sailing, rowing at sea)
Since January 2007 : Consulting - Telecom, Datacom, Distributed Computing
Innovation (supporting projects, mktg audit...) - Optimization (costs...) - Assistance (defining requirements, selecting solutions, building-up a lab')
2010 - 2011 : Designer-promoter of an approach for rural FTTH at affordable costs and delays : "Everyone goes 100Mbit/s" (partnership with PRYSMIAN, a worldwide fiber manufacturer) ==> www.FibTic.net
Pre-studies conducted with an accuracy of ten meters in several rural villages of five French "departments" and quantified : the rural optical plug, lit with active carriers, comes up at a cost between 1000 and 1500€ and the subscription to Internet at 30Mbit/s minimum is at 35-50€ per month (VAT included).... less than by KaSat satellite.
Development of training courses on : FTTH, from IPv4 to IPv6, Backhauling ( white paper )
2009 : Development of a training course Carrier-Class Ethernet (w/ PBB-TE vs VPLS/MPLS-TP) ; course added to existing "IP Services & Networks" (including a module "Security in Networks"), "SIP Telephony over IP and IMS" and "Competitive Design of Business Networks" (assistance to requirements definition and to solution selection)
2008 : marketing assistance (SWOT analysis, P&L and writing BP) given to two start-ups (real estate/web and BlueTooth applications).
    After hours : Development for PalmOS of maritime geolocation applications, track monitoring and collision prevention (GPS+AIS/VHF, NMEA), and of embarked weather forcasting (web pre-processing of GRIB files + collection of wind files and pictures via GPRS).
2007 : Creator of an innovating web-based tool for enterprises or associations allowing their employees or members to reserve shared resources. All operations are "on-line" (so-called "ASP" mode) ; PHP-MySQL on Linux/Apache server platform + client-side JavaScript :
F http://www.smartbooking.biz
May 1999 - Dec 2006 : Verizon Business (ex MCI, ex WorldCom/UUnet) (Paris-La Défense)
May 2001 - Dec 2006 : sales specialist for web-based (SIP+XML+SOAP+LDAP) inter-personal communication services such as "Presence", Instant Messaging, VoIP (Expert for Europe), CRM and IP-VPN services (on MPLS or on IPsec/Internet) : seven corporate accounts penetrated.
Summer 2006 : 1st European sale of a SIP Centrex solution for 750 extensions

End 2005 : key actor of the most important sale of a hosting solution (2x500m2) for the "Banque de France" (w/ ITIL requirements).
Mentor-Leader on a partnership with CISCO and BULL-Integris to have a turn key Call Center (IVR, ACD...) solution, including 0800 traffic collection and 24x7 operation.
May 1999 - May 2001 : Senior manager in charge of developing new services for the French operational company : six services launched (preselection, teleworker, smart invoicing, disaster recovery, LAN interconnection, Internet traffic collection), coordination of the experimentation of xDSL on Unbundled Local Loops and partnership with Bouygues Telecom for distributing mobile phone services. Team of engineers managed.
April 1998 - May 1999 : SkyBridge LP (Nanterre/Paris)
Engineering manager for the services and telecom aspects of a high-speed interactive multimedia access system based on 80 low orbit satellites (LEO, CDMA encoding). 7 engineers directly managed, 50 guided and influenced. Future-proof requirements and corresponding architecture built, relying on IP, VoIP, PSTN/ISDN over ATM on the air interface. In charge of the technical contents of the " Service Level Agreements (SLA) " between all the players.
June 1993 - April 98 : Alcatel Data Networks (Paris)
Global product marketing manager for multiprotocol LAN and WAN switches (IP, SNA, packetized voice, Frame Relay, ATM) : very satisfied distributors. Responsible for organizing ADN exhibitions : two major exhibitions managed with success. Conferences given and articles written : highly appreciated.
December 1995 - October 1996 : Karzara sarl (Nantes, France)
Creator and director : Karzara was a VAR company dedicated to wireless LAN (2.4GHz, CDMA encoding ; pre-WiFi), DECT, GSM/DCS1800. SNMP-based management via GSM. ATM LAN engineering : good sales of ATM NIC boards. Training and consultancy on ATM. Now mastering the enterprises operational cycle.
June 1991 - June 1993 : Alcatel-CIT (Nantes)
International product manager for the Alcatel 1100 packet switching product line (X.25, SNA, Frame Relay), 1000 switches in more than 20 countries : I have  imposed  in 92 the support of Frame Relay and a key improvement of the customer documentation... that made sell !. Conferences given, articles written and training given on ATM (to 120 engineers) : highly appreciated.
July 1988 - May 1991 : Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) (Nice/Boston)
Corporate product manager of a new software allowing Intelligent Network applications (800 number, credit card validation, VPN) or mobile phone applications (HLR, AUC) to be implemented on VAX/VMS or UNIX computer platforms. I have lead an international team of 8 persons : successful announcement in May 91. Presentations and negotiations with operators or integrators in the world : chosen as early as 1991 by MCI, France-Telecom, NMT900 consortium, Orbitel, Televerket, Korean Telecom... Training courses given on telecommunication and mobile phone systems.
1982 - June 1988 : France-Telecom laboratory (CNET) (Lannion, France)
1982-86 : Architect and software (Intel) project manager for the development of the customer premises network of the "PRELUDE" experiment, which prove the credibility of the Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) as a universal telecommunication technique : 4 persons managed, quality software delivered on time with innovative architecture.
1982  : Initiator of a study for dimensioning and controlling a video bank accessed via a very high bit-rate network (VOD)
1983 & 1985 : Author of two international patents on ATM.
1984 : Initiator of a wireless ATM study conducted by TRT-Philips.
1986 : Technical expert in ATM customer premises network at the EEC (RACE definition phase).
1988 : Key initiator of a project aiming at designing an enterprise network and applications based on ATM.
Communications at ISS-LS84, ICC86 (Toronto) and Domotique 88. Training courses given in high-level telecom engineering schools.
1980 and 1981 : CNET-Lannion
Telecom expert engineer in a French Ministry-ordered study on packet switched videocommunication networks. The outcome of this study defined the key principles of ATM : indeed, Im proud to be one of the six inventors of the  fixed length packets  concept.
1976 - 1979 : CNET-Lannion
As an engineer, close involvement in the definition of the early NB-ISDN and feasibility study of such a network in the field (North Brittany, where ISDN first opened to operation in late 1987).
1976 : electronics design of TDM multi-stage switching matrix and traffic simulation (with SIMULA, an ALGOL-67 extension).